Dungeon World: Greyfall

AD1 Goblin Caves!

The adventure started with the heroes visiting a local “Planting Festival” near the town of Muldrow and taking part of the merriment within. They were enjoying a fun-filled day, when suddenly screams could be heard from across the fairgrounds. They leaped into action to investigate, and found that goblins had invaded this peaceful land.

Being the heroes that they are, the heroes immediately engaged the goblins. They noticed that there were the standard goblin spear-men and also Warg-riders, but there also were goblins carrying large burlap sacks. These goblins seemed to be trying to capture human children from the fairgrounds!

The heroes dispatched several of the goblins quite easily, but there were many of them. Suddenly, a horn was heard from the distance, and the goblins all retreated into the foothills of the mountain. After collecting themselves and aiding some of the fair goers, the heroes took chase after the goblins.

The heroes followed the goblins’ trail into the foothills of the Huntoon Mountains. There, the Cleric prayed for guidance and was rewarded with a sign – specifically, a glyph – pointing them to the direction of the entrance of a cave system. They entered the cave to find a vary narrow passage; they had to move carefully, single file. Howling Cat led the procession. As they rounded a corner, they found a cavern full of goblin guards. The heroes quickly dispatched these goblins and moved on.

Moving on, the heroes came to a fork in the cave. One tunnel was barricaded with stones and a crude sign of a goblin skull and crossbones. Peering down the tunnel, they saw spiderwebs. They decided to backtrack and take the other path…

The other path led to a guarded cavern. After killing the goblin guards, the heroes examine the room and find a reflecting pool within. The water appeared cool and wet, and shallow enough they could see the bottom. Durmos decided to push Howling Cat into the water, but Howling Cat was able to hang onto the ledge. He grabbed Durmos’ leg and pulled him into the water. Durmos fell through an illusion that was the water. The room he fell into was actually a silver mine.

In the mine, there were many goblin guards, two goblin snipers, and several human children slaves being forced to mine for silver. The rest of the heroes jumped through the illusion water and into the mine. The heroes fight off the goblins and free the children.

The heroes worked their way up a mine shaft and into what appeared to be a throne room. Inside was several goblin elite guards and a goblin wizard. The heroes easily killed all the goblins in the room, and found 300 Coin worth of silver. They gathered the children and returned safely to Muldrow.


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